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1) Baby lock band :-


The safety of your baby is paramount.

In the house there are elements that should

not be within the reach of small children,

in the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms,

bathrooms, among others, there are

cabinets and drawers that need security locks.

Not only for safety but also because babies/children

and even pets can cause a mess in seconds.

When your little ones start taking their first steps,

you know it's time to make your house a safe environment for them.

With these smart safety locks, you can effectively protect your

child from accessing some unwanted household items.





Height: 13CM - Unique and detail crafted,

made of Metal alloy Adds a touch of Paris

to home décor or a Party/Event instantly

A wonderful craft art as France Souvenir

Great decoration for office or home,

excellent gift for your lovers, families

and friends. Packaged with small box for

protection; Stylish Retro Design Ornament,

Best to Place on Study Desk, Dining Table, etc



3) Anti slip Tape:-


1. 6pcs pvc bathroom ceramic tile floor anti

slip stickers bathtub safety tape matthis

sticker is made of pvc material and it is

waterproof and anti slip. Its matte design

can prevent your from slipping after showering.

2. It is ideal to stick to place, such as bathrooms,

stairs, decking, walkways, ramps, and others:




material: pvc with petsize: about 38x2x0.05cm

color: transparentâ package included: 6x floor

anti slip stickerdetails pictures.

3. This sticker is made of PVC material and

it is waterproof and anti slip. Its matte design

can prevent your from slipping after showering.

It is ideal to stick to place, such as bathrooms,

stairs, decking, walkways, ramps, and others :)

4. Specification: Material: PVC with PET

Size: about 38x2x0.05cm Color: transparent Package

included: 6x Floor anti slip sticker.

5. Material: PVC with PET, Size: about 38 x 2 x 0.5 cm,

Package included: 6 x Floor anti slip sticker.




4) Cable clip organizer:-


Multiple specifications: single channel,

double channel, triple channel and five

channel cable clips are available; 5 different

specifications, to meet your different needs





5) 4grid pen stand:-


Say Goodbye To Messy Desks And Table!

With This Multipurpose Holder,

You Can Keep All Kinds Of Small Items In One

Place Safely And In An Organized Manner.

It Is An Extremely Convenient Addition To Keep Your Space Clean.

It Has Different Compartments That Lets You Organize Things More

Efficiently.-Function: Desk organizer, pen stand organizer,

tableware organizer, cosmetic storage box, mess collection,

supply caddy. -Advantage: Big capacity, bright sturdy and thick,

multi use. -Purpose: For pens,pencils,scissors,markers,highlighters,tapes,brushes,clips.



6) Faucet Extender:-


-Easy to Wash Hand

-Faucet extenders bring water closer to Kids to

Make Hand Washing Easier.

-Fit for Conventional Bathroom Faucets

-Water faucet tap extender has been designed to

fit on most conventional bathroom faucets.

-Unique Design

-The baby faucet extender integrates a brightly-colored

unique design that makes hand washing time fun for your kids!



Easy to Use

-Requires no tools or assembly and works

right out of the box! Simply take it out,

pop it in just seconds on any faucet and

watch the good habits start to form!

High Quality

-Made of PP material, durable and can use for long time.


-Please make sure this faucet extender will

work for your faucet style before buying.


-Type: Faucet Extender

-Material: Silicone

-Color: Beige/Pink/Grey

-Size: 14.5*9cm(L*W)



7) Eye mask:-


Eye Masks with Ice Gel Pack Sleeping Mask for Travelling

Block light

Block vision

Relieve eye nerve and vascular pressure

Help to eliminate fatigue

Improve the sleep environment

Funeiko colorful eye patch for sleeping, comfortable for wearing

The eye mask is great to block all lights and improve your sleeping quality

Each one with a soft elastic bands to wear it, so it is suitable for most women, men and kids

Ideal for home or travel, also be a wonderful accessory for pajama parties or sleepover part

Cartoon design, kids and adults will love it, adorable gift for friends and family.



8) Wire organizer:-


Use our strong double sided self adhesive sticky pads,

No need to drill, Easy to remove, will not leave any residue,

will not damage the surface. Please keep the surface

clean and dry when using it to ensure maximum

adhesion The cable clamp simply removes the paper and

glues the adhesive, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Easy to install on different surfaces such as tables, walls, plastics,

wood, glass, metal, etc.



9) Chopsticks:-


※The original pattern of chopsticks, be made of natural bamboo,

no lacquer, BPA, PVC, or phthalates. No hurt to you and your family healthy.

※The chopsticks can be served in hot-pot party,

Sushi party, BBQ party, Chinese foods party, as serving chopsticks, or frying, cooking, noodles.

※These chopsticks can be cleaned by dishwasher,

are easy to be used and cleaned; eco-friendly for eating instead of using disposable chopsticks.



10) Wall mount plant pot:-


Features: Good Quality material for vases,

made of 100% food-grade silicone, stronger

and safer than the glass. Soft texture, high

temperature resistant, long-lasting. This vase

can be removed and used repeatedly.

You just only need to clean its back and the

surface you want to stick to. It's very compact and

lightweight, suitable for any party, exhibition, wedding,

vacation, home, and kitchen decoration. Space-saving This

flower vase can be stored in almost anywhere when you

donâ€t use them, wonâ€t take you too much space.

Removable and can be used frequently. You just only to

clean its back and the surface you want to stick to. You can stick it

directly to any smooth surface such as windows, glass door,

refrigerator, glass cabinet, ceramic tile, etc., and keep for over one month.

It can be used on many occasions. Its†small size and portability can make

them perfect for any party, exhibition, wedding, festival, catering events, home,

and kitchen decoration. NOTE Clean the smooth surface fist to absorb stronger.

Do not use it on the painted wall or other lumpy wall surface.




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