Scary Maze Game 2.0 (prank) ✨ Bizo Mobile

    Scary Maze Game is a famous online game prank adapted for Android users. The player simply need to move blue dot to red square through the labyrinth and don't touch the sides.
Sounds very easy, but the victim really need to concentrate. Especially on the 3rd level. At the most unexpected moment, the scary and creepy monster suddenly appears together with very loud horror scream ;) Your friend suerly will be frightened.

    Thanks the front camera the app will record the movie with shocking reaction of your friend. The app can record the screen when you play. Remember, you can turn it off before playing, or in settings. Now you can tell the stories about that to others and shoow the movie. Now you can play it or share it on social media.


  • Team play!
  • Tons of skins
  • Different graphic modes for weaker devices
  • 30+ weapon types
  • In-game cars and military vehicles
  • Autoshoot
  • Huge map
  • Easy, intuitive control.


    Pixel Grand Battle 3D is a multiplayer action online in pixels style. Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world! Play a fascinating dynamic third-person shooter online with friends and other players online. It is an awesome pocket shooter for all kinds of players.

Game Play

    Gather with friends in your team, create a clan and win together in dynamic battles. Buy weapons, upgrade it, change the look of your character. Create your own clan in Pixel Grand Battle 3D.Buy and upgrade powerful weapons like rocket launcher for counter strike to enemy players.Pixel Danger Zone is first person online shooter with battle royale game mode. We combined realistic weapons with the pixel world, so many cool skins for your favorite weapons are waiting for you in the game.


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